Broadway Commons Code of Conduct

Broadway Commons including its buildings, roadways, and parking areas, is private property.  We have set forth the following Rules of Conduct to protect the Mall’s legitimate business interests and provide the best shopping experience possible.  By following these rules, together we can achieve a safe and successful environment for everyone.

  1. Children are not to be left unattended. Children 16 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult of 21 years or older.
  2. Groups of four or more persons may be dispersed.
  3. Customers must keep moving in an orderly fashion throughout the premises and may not block walkways or store entrances.
  4. Viewing inappropriate or obscene content on all electronic devices, magazines and photos is strictly prohibited.
  5. Using obscene language, obscene gestures, or racial, sexual, religious, or ethnic slurs are strictly prohibited.
  6. Physically or verbally threatening any person, fighting, or annoying others through noisy activities, unwarranted staring or following another person is strictly prohibited.
  7. Any unsafe behavior such as running, skating, skateboarding, or riding bikes, scooters, power bikes, segways, hoverboards, or electric scooters inside the mall is prohibited.
  8. Littering is prohibited. Please use trash receptacles outside and inside the mall.
  9. Defacing, damaging, or destroying any property belonging to Broadway Commons, its patrons, or its merchants is strictly prohibited.
  10. Sitting on floors, planters, handrails, escalators, stairs, trash receptacles, or other areas not specifically designed for seating is prohibited.
  11. Photography, videotaping and/or filming anywhere on the property requires the prior written consent of the Mall Management.
  12. Yelling, Screaming, singing, playing of musical instruments, radios, or tape players, or otherwise communicating in a matter which creates noise of unreasonable volume is not permitted.
  13. Soliciting, distributing promotional material or offering samples require the prior written consent of the Mall Management.
  14. All patrons must be fully clothed and cannot wear indecent, inappropriate, or gang-related attire.  Clothing must adequately cover the body.  Shoes must be worn at all times. Visible undergarments are not permitted.
  15. No clothing that obscures the face is allowed unless worn for cultural, religious, or medical reasons.
  16. Only food and beverages purchased on the premises may be consumed at the center.  No outside food or beverages are permitted.
  17. Possessing any alcoholic beverage inside the common areas of the mall is strictly prohibited.
  18. Loitering or remaining idle about the property is not permitted.
  19. Engaging in any unlawful activity or behavior is strictly prohibited.
  20. Smoking is prohibited inside the mall and within 50 feet of mall entrances.
  21. No guest is allowed to create any activity that could be described as a performance, a show, or a happening, make a declaration or a speech, create a media event of photo opportunity without prior approval from Mall Management.

As of 10:00pm all visitors other than those patronizing in the food court, restaurants with outside entries, the movie theatre or Round One are required to leave the property. The above Code of Conduct will be in effect at all times for all guests of the Broadway Commons. Anyone who violates any of the above rules of the shopping center will be asked to leave.  If the violator returns to the center uninvited or again violates any of the above rules and regulations, said violator will be banned from the shopping center and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Broadway Commons Management has the right to amend the Rules of Conduct at any time.

Please call Security @ 516-822-2365 to report any violations you see.

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