Simple Tips to Refresh Your Home

Our homes are our sanctuaries, but now that we’re being quarantined 24/7 – it can begin to feel stale, bland, and a little boring. The good news is, it’s easy to make small changes that alter your home and make it feel refreshed, inspiring, and cozy.

Here are a few easy and simple ways you can freshen up your space.


Bring in Some Greenery
You bring life into the space by adding plants and other greenery. Not only do plants connect us back to nature and serve as vibrant sources of color, they also clean the air in your home and can help you breathe better.  Did you know that IKEA carries real and artifical plants? Check them out HERE.

Replace or layer a new area rug down
Not only will this give your house a different feel, but it would bring a room together especially it’s been a space you have been design neglecting. If you have a natural rug, consider adding a pop of pattern on top for an elegant designer finish. You can pick up rugs in stores or online at Target! Check their selection out HERE

Re-arrange Your Furniture
Sometimes you just need a little change. Some people swear by moving the furniture around every so often to make your home feel like its brand new. If you have a nice square room, moving the furniture around can make it feel like an entirely new space. It could even mean making your den into an office temporarily or taking some accent chairs from one room and adding to t another. You don’t have to go wild if you don’t want to!

Redo Your Color Scheme
If you’re happy with the arrangement of your house but something still feels off, try examining the colors you use. Color psychology is a real thing, and if you have dark, moody shades or ones that make you feel down or unhappy all over the house, it’s time for a redo. Pick two or three complementary shades, one that’s bold and one or two that are more subtle, and run with it. Check out MAGNOLIA HOME by Joanna Gaines from TARGET

Switch up your throw pillows Think of a color or pattern that will make you happy and go for it. Maybe finally purchase that Target pillow that you have been eyeing for a long time. You’ll be staring at it plenty these days to make it worth its cost. Check out Target’s selection HERE.

Capitalize on Natural Light
Nothing transforms a space like natural lighting. When your whole home is dark and you have heavy curtains keeping out the sun, it’s easy to feel depressed, tired, or unmotivated. Tear down those curtains and find out how quickly your mood shifts from lethargic to lively.  If you still want some privacy, H&M Home has great options for you!

Change up a shelf or bookcase with existing decor– No need to even buy new decor when you can use what you already have. Maybe switch the shelf decor around or grab some new accessories from another room or closet. Feel like getting something new? Francesca’s has amazing home decor that fits any style.

Add some fresh cut branches from the yard to a vase– it’s FREE, therapeutic, and oh so pretty now that spring is here! Find a style today from IKEA.

Paint a piece of furniture– One of the easiest ways to make a grand difference to any space is by painting. You could of course paint an entire room, but if you’re thinking smaller try for that one piece in your house that has become the eye-sore. Pick a pretty color that now matches your current decorative look and go for it!