Photos with Santa
  Nov 20, 2021 - Dec 24, 2021
Santa will be sitting in his big chair at center court and wants to hear wish lists and take photos!
Santa will be at Broadway Commons from November 20th through December 24th. Advanced reservations are strongly encouraged. While we love the tradition of visiting on Christmas Eve, an early visit will reduce your wait AND give Santa more time to gather all the gifts. When you book your reservation, you will also purchase your photo package.

Santa's Schedule
Saturday, November 2011am-7pm
Sunday, November 2112pm-6pm
Monday, November 2211am-7pm
Tuesday, November 2311am-7pm
Wednesday, November 2411pm-7pm
Thursday, November 25CLOSED
Friday, November 2611am-7pm
Saturday, November 2711am-7pm
Sunday, November 2812pm-6pm
Monday, November 2911am-7pm
Tuesday, November 3011am-7pm
Wednesday, December 111am-7pm
Thursday, December 211am-7pm
Friday, December 311am-7pm
Saturday, December 411am-7pm
Sunday, December 512pm-6pm
Monday, December 611am-7pm
Tuesday, December 711am-7pm
Wednesday, December 811am-7pm
Thursday, December 911am-7pm
Friday, December 1011am-7pm
Saturday, December 1111am-7pm
Sunday, December 1212pm-6pm
Monday, December 1311am-7pm
Tuesday, December 1411am-7pm
Wednesday, December 1511am-7pm
Thursday, December 1611am-7pm
Friday, December 1711am-8pm
Saturday, December 1811am-8pm
Sunday, December 1911am-8pm
Monday, December 2011am-8pm
Tuesday, December 2111am-8pm
Wednesday, December 2211am-8pm
Thursday, December 2311am-8pm
Friday, December 2410am-5pm
Santa has to feed his reindeer:
Monday-Saturday: 3:00pm-4:00 pm
Sunday: 3:00pm-3:30pm
Christmas Eve: 2:00pm-2:30pm

COVID-19 protocols will be followed in accordance with federal mandates. Happy Holidays!